Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do you have a mini maker?

One of the most awesome movements in the United States (and really the world) is the Maker Movement. Maker’s come together from across the world to create and share their ideas and creations.
Why is this important to you and your child? Studies have shown that STEM students are able to innovate and think critically. Beyond that, they are able to make connections between school, community, work, and the world. Though we often think this is a movement towards just the sciences, it’s more than that, STEM includes all facets of life. SCIENCE; TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATHS are found in everything, from engine rebuilds to farming to arts to robotics. It is everywhere!

Maker's Faire 2015 from OMSI on Vimeo.
Check it out!September 12th & 13th @ 10 AM – 5 PM
OMSI’s Portland Mini Maker Faire

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  1. This is awesome!!!! YC middle school is getting more involved in STEM also!!! Way to go YC :-)