Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Popsicles and Class Lists

popsicle-155205_1280Interested in what’s coming up for the school year? Have some questions for your child’s new teacher? Want to meet and great the new principal? This is your chance!
Come to meet and greet on September 1st at 3pm!
Also - We are looking for those of you who can contribute for the teacher’s lunch on September 3rd.
If you think you can lend a hand (or a side) sign up here at SignUpGenius! Our staff works so hard to make our school ready for our kids. Let’s let them know how appreciated they are!

Monday, August 24, 2015

STEM at the State Fair!

Are you going to the Oregon State Fair? For those of you headed out that direction make sure you check out the Columbia Hall! Throughout the fair there will be 7 different STEM exhibits for you to check out.
STEM at the Oregon State Fair!
Also check out the Author’s Table in the Jackman-Long Building there will be 25 authors to talk to during the fair. Bring your little author to ask about what it’s like to be an author.
Author's Table
Most of all have a blast and enjoy your last vestiges of summer!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do you have a mini maker?

One of the most awesome movements in the United States (and really the world) is the Maker Movement. Maker’s come together from across the world to create and share their ideas and creations.
Why is this important to you and your child? Studies have shown that STEM students are able to innovate and think critically. Beyond that, they are able to make connections between school, community, work, and the world. Though we often think this is a movement towards just the sciences, it’s more than that, STEM includes all facets of life. SCIENCE; TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATHS are found in everything, from engine rebuilds to farming to arts to robotics. It is everywhere!

Maker's Faire 2015 from OMSI on Vimeo.
Check it out!September 12th & 13th @ 10 AM – 5 PM
OMSI’s Portland Mini Maker Faire

Monday, August 10, 2015

Popsicles and Supplies!

We are closing in on the end of our summer break - can you believe it!? As it nears, we begin to think about all the new and exciting things our children are about to learn and experience. Who are their teachers going to be? What are they going to wear? Is the new principal nice? How many pencils again? Take a big breath! You'll be alright!

This year we have the honor of joining our new principal, Lauren Berg, and the staff for popsicles and classroom lists! It is going to be a great year!

Also, if you have the chance, grab another pack of pencils or some spiral notebooks! An extra backpack would go a long way for someone as well. All of these are handed out during the school year at the discretion of our great staff!

So we hope to see you all there!
September 1st @ 3:00 - 3:45p

But wait there's more! What more could there be you ask?

Its just our first major PTO meeting of the new school year! We will be covering it all!
  • Walkathon (get your volunteerin' shoes on we've got a record to beat!)
  • Open House
  • Student Store
  • Spirit wear (another place we could use help!)
  • George Fox University's work day needs parent volunteers
  • and much more!

So if you have an hour of time to spend with us!
September 1st @ 6:00 - 7:30p